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Derek Smith Shootout

Derek Smith Shootout
The 18th-annual Derek Smith Shootout, a top-flight summer tournament for high school basketball teams, will be held June 13-15, 2013, at Valley, Doss and Iroquois High Schools in Louisville, Ky.

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2013 highlight video

Past champions

2014VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Trinity
2013VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Trinity
2012VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Trinity
2011Junior VarsityLexington (Ky.) Catholic
2011VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Moore
2010Junior VarsityJeffersontown (Ky.)
2010VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Central
2010'All-A'Edmonson County (Ky.)
2009Junior VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Male
2009VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Eastern
2009'All-A'Louisville (Ky.) Shawnee
2008VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Male
2007VarsityLexington (Ky.) Catholic
2006VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Male
2005VarsityJeffersontown (Ky.)
2004VarsityJeffersontown (Ky.)
2003VarsityCovington (Ky.) Catholic
2002VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Ballard
2001AAUNaptown Chosen Few (Ind.)
2001VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Ballard
2000VarsityLouisville (Ky.) Ballard
1999VarsityPleasure Ridge Park (Ky.)
1999AAUDerek Smith All-Stars I (Ky.)
1998High school/AAU combinedLexington (Ky.) Salvation Army
1997High school/AAU combinedLouisville (Ky.) Iroquois